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Flynt Group’s mission is to equip our clients with Actionable Knowledge® to wisely manage their risk positions and achieve their goals across a broad spectrum of hazards and threats.

Leaders face novel challenges in today’s ever-changing business environment. Even the most talented staff may not possess all of the requisite competencies and specialized experience needed to mitigate threats to your personnel, assets, and operations. To develop effective and efficient strategies across a global spectrum of risk, you require Actionable Knowledge.®

We specialize in counseling leaders in managing complex and unique situations. Our multidisciplinary experts know the demands facing government and corporate executives and we advise across the full spectrum of risk. From optimizing business processes at locations within North America to designing security programs countering global threats in hostile regions, we deliver world-class expertise in best management practices, industry specific standards, protection of critical infrastructures, and special services. Flynt Group consultants offer deep, relevant experience in the corporate, government, military, and intelligence sectors that enables our clients to reach their goals despite the serious tests they may face.

We listen carefully to understand your objectives. Our tailored, multidisciplinary team will holistically assess your unique situation, design innovative approaches aligned with your objectives, and deliver risk-intelligent strategies and detailed procedures that protect your employees, mission critical assets, and operations from dangerous risks. Flynt Group’s Actionable Knowledge® will enable you to achieve your goals and create new opportunities in a dynamic, difficult world.